Monday, August 15, 2005

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

posted by Rob at 1:30 PM

I'm not sure which is worst - that this girl hopes to attend my grand alma mater, or that she wants to be a teacher:
i know i wanna go to Appalachian State University. I love that campus..the teachers are sooo awesome. I met a chemistry teacher there, DANG HOMIE! He was SEXY! He was like...33, snap..he was sexy. Anyway, back to college. The programs they have there rock, It's like..impossible to fail unless you REALLY wanna fail. cuz they have alll of these tutors and stuff that give you they're full attention to help you study and stuff..and that's all on your terms. It's wicked.
Then there's this comment on her page:
I support you as being a teacher Amy, go to ASU and do not listen to anyone advice except yours :)..follow your heart and do what you know what is best
**just shakes head**


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