Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Beer Wars Spill Onto Parents

posted by Rob at 5:31 AM

Interesting op-ed in the Washington Post today. It details arrests and convictions of various parents who responsibly oversaw parties for their minor children when beer was served. One example is a couple from Rhode Island:
When they learned that their son planned to celebrate the prom with a booze bash at a beach 40 miles away, William and Patricia Anderson instead threw a supervised party for him and his friends at their home. They served alcohol, but William Anderson stationed himself at the party's entrance and collected keys from every teen who showed. No one who came to the party could leave until the next morning.
Of course the parents have been charged with misconduct by police, and the local MADD chapter is all a'giddy to guillotine the parents. The MADD people are just that, mad.

But I do have issues with the whole" they're going to do it anyway, so why not watch 'em and make sure their safe." Makes me wonder what their solution will be when the kids want to have sex.
What is unexcusable are authorities overstepping their bounds:
The Virginia case mentioned above is troubling for another reason: The cops raided that home without a search warrant. This is becoming more and more common in jurisdictions with particularly militant approaches to underage drinking. A prosecutor in Wisconsin popularized the practice in the late 1990s when he authorized deputies to enter private residences without warrants, "by force, if necessary," when there was the slightest suspicion of underage drinking.
That's unAmerican and dangerous. I would hope that parents involved in such an illegal or unwarrented search would take the case to the Supreme Court. Maybe then this country will seriously argue the merits of sending 18-year-olds to war but barring them from ordering a drink at Hooters.


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