Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Best Insult I've Read In Awhile

posted by Rob at 8:21 AM

From Bill Simmon's ESPN.com: Page 2 review of Sunday's WWE pay-per-view SummerSlam:

9:15 -- Just my luck, Undertaker is wrestling tonight -- it's his 14th straight Summer Slam, although it feels like it's his 1,400th. I'd rather watch the Chyna-XPac sex tape on a 200-foot plasma TV than see the Undertaker wrestle again.

I didn't see SummerSlam, but I have seen portions of the Chyna-XPac tape, which was titled "One Night In Chyna." Prior to viewing that I had never seen an actual bull queer naked.

I also enjoyed this observation from Simmons:
8:45 - Some good comedy - Eddie screws up a powerplex from the top of the ladder, followed by the crowd quickly pulling the old-school ECW chant, "You [bleeped] up! You [bleeped] up!" That's always fun. Why couldn't fans in every sport do that chant whenever players screw up? Wouldn't a Yankees-Sox game be more fun if the Fenway fans chanted that after a Jeter error? All right, I'm babbling.

That chant runs through my mind whenever the Panthers nab an interception.


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