Friday, August 12, 2005

Can a brother not afford a suit

posted by Rob at 8:46 AM

Whenever Michael Jordan did a television interview, he was almost always stylin' and profilin'. Expensive suit, clean cut smile, buffed bald head. Same for Magic, and several other black professionals.

Then came Kobe with his "Sweats in Sweats" interviews on ESPN. Now Terrell Owens under does him, wearing a ragged t-shirt with a screenprinted photo of his momma on the front. And let's not forget the NIke hat on backwards. And scum of an agent wearing a dirty t-shirt with jeans and shabby sports coat.

*THAT* was the scene on ESPN last night during halftime of the Packers-Chargers game. What an embarressment. As much as I don't want to hate, TO is an A-HO.

Sit out. Who cares. Let's see how valued you are after a year with nothing to do but situps in the driveway.


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