Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Everything to know about TO

posted by Rob at 8:16 AM

Peter King over at si.com offers a nice summation of the TO-Eagles situation. No side comes out clean - Owens is a crybaby whiner; the Eagles are naive.

If you're following the bigest story in the NFL right now, it's a must read:

All McNabb did was fight with Reid and Eagle ownership to bring Owens to Philly 19 months ago. Last year, I interviewed Owens and McNabb together in the dorm suite they shared with Dhani Jones at training camp for a Sports Illustrated piece. Every time I asked Owens a tough question, McNabb piped up with something like, "Judge him on what he does this year, not what happened in the past."

He's been judged. We're all now just waiting for the execution.

What's sad is, we know how this could play out. Owens tells the Eagles "screw you."
The Eagles sit him for the season, depressing his trade value but also diminishing his endorsement possibilities. After the season ends with the Eagles losing early in the playoffs, Owens will either be traded or released. He'll sucker some other team - say, Atlanta - to sign him to one of the richest contracts in history. The Falcons will then go on to the Super Bowl, while the Eagles fall one round short.

Just watch.


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