Thursday, August 04, 2005

Feel the "Sting" of Muggsy

posted by Rob at 4:18 PM

When Muggsy Bogues was sent packing by the then-Charlotte Hornets, it was a nail in the coffin with regard to my love of the team (The later revelations of Mack Daddy Shinn banging his Ho-net cheerleaders packed the dirt on said coffin).

So when I read the news this morning that the closest person I have to an idol is a head coach in the WNBA, I reacted much like most people around Charlotte Observer writer Scott Fowler:

It's one of those stories with a great "What?" factor.

The news that Muggsy Bogues was the new coach of the WNBA's Charlotte Sting spread around the Carolinas on Wednesday.

The person who just heard it would scream: "What?"

Then he would laugh.

Yes, the Sting have a worse record than Ashley Simpson. Yes, it's a leage that ranks beneath professional curling and the NHL in popularity. But if it's good enough for this guy, it's a great opportunity for Muggsy.


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