Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Going after App State

posted by Rob at 5:06 AM

Columnist Mike S. Adams has taken on Appalachian State in two columns this week, both available at townhall.com. The first went after the campus equity office. The second attacked the women's center.

Both columns are written, in my opinion, by a smart ass trying to be funny but failing. His "jokes" fall flat and make him come across as the bad guy, but he makes good points in both. Too bad his attitude make the columns almost unreadable.

Someone at Appalachian had read them though. The women's center suddenly editted its website today, as Tim Ellsworth notes. You can read a cached version of that page here.

The women's center is one of those "unofficial" liberal groups on campus who operate with state funds while pretending to have no political agenda. (Notice how their the contents of its library is absent from the site. I doubt it's comprised of many conservative materials).

You can't erase such groups - they are too well engrained in the higher education culture - and beating them with literary spotlights only emboldens them. It gives them a chance to stick their chin out, put hands on their hips and pout "The Women's Center holds no political affiliation. We are also a group of women and men that are volunteers who are simply interested in women's issues."

Yeah, people who read Adams will now know App has a hypocritical harrassment policy and a campus organization who defies it until it's pointed out publicly. In a few months those quotes - or some like it - will be back up, the group will still get state funds to sell breast cakes, and Adams will be trying to piss off some other college with his brand of unfunny humor.

For now, Appalachian is a can and Adams is walking down a long road. I can't wait for column III.


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