Thursday, August 04, 2005

He was Rick James, b*tch

posted by Rob at 2:15 PM

Sad, sad news. Chapelle’s Show is no more:

While talking to the New York Post, cast member Charlie Murphy stated that he did not believe there would be a third season of the show. The third season was set to debut in the spring of 2005. That debut was postponed indefinitely when Dave Chapelle took off for South Africa. While rumors spread that Chapelle was battling drug addiction, word surfaced from his camp that he was just taking some time to relax, and clear his mind. Murphy told the newspaper that material has been shot, but that it will mostly be seen in the form of a DVD. “We shot about eight shows for the third season and they're hilarious. They'll be released on DVD, I'm sure. But that's it.”
No show has made me laugh as much as Chapelle's Show. Not only it has challenged me on whether "I Know Black People," but it's shown me the secrets of Celebrity Trial Jury Selection and what the different races look for in music.

Chapelle was the man. I wonder if he'll have to give back all $50 million.


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