Thursday, August 04, 2005

I hate Bill O'Reilly

posted by Rob at 5:15 AM

Actually, I don't. I just find him unwatchable. It's not just because he wears *way* too much eyeliner (go ahead, tune in and tell me he doesn't) but he's insufferable.

But you can't argue with the numbers. The man continues to spank CNN, as does everyone else at FOX:
The Scoreboard: Tuesday, August 2

The hourlies:

8pm: O'Reilly: 2,549,000 / Zahn: 623,000 / Grace: 734,000 / Countdown: 363,000 / CNBC: 165,000

9pm: H&C: 2,297,000 / King: 1,336,000 / Prime News: 452,000 / Situation: 177,000 / Mad Money repeat: 131,000

10pm: Greta: 2,328,000 / NewsNight: 845,000 / Grace repeat: 471,000 / Scarborough: 321,000 / Deutsch: 75,000
Wow. Bill is attracting FOUR TIMES of Zahn, who was once hyped as the great-legged hope of CNN. Which makes re-reading stories like this all the more cringe-worthy:
CNN executives have been heartened by the positive response to Zahn and Brown—an ABC News alumnus—and were slapping high-fives with the recent announcement that Chung, a former co-anchor of the "CBS Evening News," was also leaving ABC for CNN.

In a perceived coup for the network, Lou Dobbs returned and revitalized CNN's business programming franchise, and several old-timers remain, among them Wolf Blitzer, Bill Hemmer and Judy Woodruff. Still, many find themselves playing a supporting role to a flurry of new hires from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, even MTV.

While CNN's ratings spiked far ahead of Fox in September and October, Fox has come roaring back as the war news has died down. In just-released January ratings, Fox, which in the last year dramatically increased the number of cable systems on which it is available, passed CNN to become the most-watched news network, averaging 656,000 viewers on a 24-hour basis, versus 596,000 viewers for CNN.
That was back in February 2002. Here's the numbers for July 2005:
Total day averages: FNC: 988,000 / CNN: 436,000 / MSNBC: 201,000
Somewhere, Ted Turner is crying.


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