Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Man no longer create Magic

posted by Rob at 5:15 PM

At least, not by hand. It's now all computers, all the time, at Disney:

At the end of last month, Walt's joke came true. The studio bearing his name announced that, due to a "changing creative climate and economic environment," it will be shutting DisneyToon Studios Australia next year. The studio, which turned out sequels (such as "Tarzan II," "The Lion King II" and "Bambi II") was the company's last remaining facility creating hand-drawn (or 2-D) traditional animation. To compete in the 3-D computer-generated imagery (or CGI) arena, the house that a hand-drawn mouse built will become a pixels, rather than a paper-and-pencils, place.As the old animators often asked themselves, "What would Walt think?"
Here's what he'd think - "Finally I can get the third-world children off the drawing board and on the keyboard!"

Progress stands still for now man, or no faceless-giant-corporate-monolith-that-seeks-to-suck-the-life-out-of-all-it-touches-but-alway- with-a-happy-face.


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