Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Two Sticks, a Dash, and a Cake with a Stick Down.

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That's the answering machine message left by Mohammad Atta, letting Ramzi Binalshibh know the date of al Qaeda's attack on America: 11 - 9, or, 9-11.

I had never read/heard that bit of information. It was one of several new details I learned last night watching National Geographic's special Inside 9/11. It was a two-part, four-hour exploration of the 9/11 plot. Its story started in the early 80s and, frankly, the ending gave me the same chills I felt that Tuesday morning. It was three lines, I believe attributed to Osama bin Laden. I only remember the first two:

We love death. America loves life.

There was then threat that more death is coming.

Another detail I never knew. According to the show, it appears the word was out on the attack. A teacher in Brooklyn noticed one of their students staring out the window. The student was a Pakistani immigrant. He motioned toward Manhatten and told the teacher (paraphrase):

See those two buildings. They won't be there next week.

The teacher didn't think anything of the comment. After the attacks, the FBI confirmed that the conversation did take place. No other details were offered.

With regard to political implications, I thought the show did a pretty fair job with regard to Presidents Clinton and Bush. Both can be faulted for putting politics over national security. Much attention was given to how impeachment took Clinton's attention. Memos regarding terrorist plots and plans were stalled during the early Bush months.


Blogger TragiComediunce said...

I learned that last night too--the "cake with a stick down" biz. The mood of the story was reminiscent of the mood of the story leading up to the Gadget a.k.a. the Trinity test of the Manhattan Project for July 16th 1945.
When I lived in New Mexico, I learned about the USA's nuclear heritage, which started with similar drama and secrecy to this renegade act of less-expensive intense and insane violence--we reap what we sow...
There's only one way to break the cycle of mega-violence: REPENT and LOVE your ENEMIES!

1:07 PM, September 12, 2006  

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