Friday, September 23, 2005

If you're an agnostic, why are you uncomfortable

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Several groups at Dartmouth College are publicly spanking and seeking to embarress the student body president for discussing Jesus at the school's recent convocation. A roundup of the "controversy" can be found here (scroll down to "Controversy Surrounds Riner Convocation Speech").

What got my attention is this quote:
"Honestly, as an agnostic person, the religious part made me slightly uncomfortable," Kimia Shahi '09 said.
If you're truly an agnostic, then why would someone discussing Jesu make you "uncomfortable"? If you cared nothing for football, would Chris Berman give you chills? If you had no taste for red meat, would driving by Burger King upset you to no end?

College life is supposed to challenge you .. or so I thought. Apparently Shahi isn't as confident in her religious beliefs as she wishes she were.

You can read more about the Dartmouth rage here.

The comments and indignation remind me of a Martin Luther King Jr. event at Appalachian State University a few years ago. Organizers planned to show excerpts of King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech. Before the video rolled, the presenter apologized in advance to the crowd about some of the content to which they were about to be exposed. He explained that King carried the title of reverend, so unfortunately they would be exposed to Christian ideals expressed as only an educated Christian black man could express them.

In other words, please excuse King for being a man of God, cause nobody's perfect. Just put your fingers in your ears during the "naughty" parts. And try not to hold them against him.

(Hat tip: The Corner)


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