Sunday, September 04, 2005

Just can't take it anymore

posted by Rob at 9:54 PM

Maybe this explains this.

This adds strength to the argument that the chaos in New Orleans is due to a sad state of affairs locally than nationally.

Somewhat on this topic, the Professor has a lengthy post centered on FEMA and federalism. Interesting read.

And note this over in The Corner:
I also think as time passes, we are likely to learn more about the incredible and extraordinary efforts of both governmental and private institutions, faults and all. A CAT 4 hurricane, covering hundreds of miles along the Gulf Coast and millions of people; followed by flooding making 80% of New Orleans and large parts of Mississippi and Alabama unreachable; the complete destruction of infrastructure; and the almost immediate collapse of civil order, resulting in looting and worse. Five-days have passed at this writing; the military has taken back the streets; tens of thousands of lives have been saved; thousands more have been evacuated; and medical treatment is now being provided to most people. No, I'm not trying to paint a false picture, just a more complete one. And I realize that's little solace to those who've lost everything.


Blogger joe said...

Chris Cortez is okay
A couple of Chris' friends have emailed me to ask about him. He and Melody rode out the storm at their house in Slidell which apparently didn't sustain too much damage.
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10:21 PM, September 04, 2005  

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