Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lileks in a foul mood

posted by Rob at 1:33 PM

I've been a fan of James Lileks since the 2000 election cycle. His latest comments at the bleat sound nothing like him. He's still as insightful, funny and reflective as a classic episode of Night Court (in my world that's a compliment) but his words carry an air difficult to breathe:
If anything put me off reading the internets today, it was the two themes of perfidy and nuance. The former being the Bush-is-evil sites that can’t wait for the President to show up at a tent city to do a photo-op in the breadline so they can drag out plastic turkey jokes, and the latter being sites that obsessed over the President’s remarks today. ...

Sometimes you just tire of spin, the endless carping, the incessant pissy miserabilism, to quote the Pet Shop Boys. It’s as if there’s a superior breed of humanity, uncorrupt and all-knowing, waiting in the wings to solve all our problems if only we’d let them have the reins of power and speak the honeyed words. Listen to them and human failings will be erased, nature turned aside like a man who enters a French restaurant in tennis shoes.

Wait a week, and let’s see what's accomplished by the humans we have, and then we can start throwing javelins.


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