Monday, September 26, 2005

Not as bad as thought or proclaimed

posted by Rob at 9:43 AM

Interesting read over at It appears many of the statements made by both the news media and local New Orleans officials were overblown, exaggerated and outright false:
Four weeks after the storm, few of the widely reported atrocities have been backed with evidence. The piles of bodies never materialized, and soldiers, police officers and rescue personnel on the front lines say that although anarchy reigned at times and people suffered unimaginable indignities, most of the worst crimes reported at the time never happened.
Gotta love the take over at Scappleface: Mayor Nagin Blames Bush for Lower Body Count.

The recovery effort is ongoing, as is the investigation into what really happened when. It will be interesting to see if the media admits to any errors in reporting.


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