Thursday, September 15, 2005

Praise for Sky News

posted by Rob at 9:22 PM

From a post earlier this week Woffle commented:
You're right, and then you're wrong. Most of the poor in New Orleans didn't live in or dance on the streets of the French Quarter. They worked crap jobs further out in Elysian Fields and beyond. But still, the media's not squeaky clean on this one.
True, most of the poor were not visible. My point was that portions of New Orleans reflected - for those who cared to notice - the poverty that was there. Public urination, massive consumption of alcohol, rude beggers on street corners, kids tapping and outright demanding money - I don't think those are the traits of a city with a strong, empowering economic core.

After reading Woffle's post I paid a visit to his blog. Very well done. And yes, this is very funny.


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