Thursday, September 29, 2005

Republicans have their problems

posted by Rob at 3:53 PM


Some will go down fighting.

Odds are, it's a setup:
"I can't imagine indicting a majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives without having a smoking gun, and that means someone who flipped on DeLay," said Buck Wood, an Austin lawyer who filed a related civil lawsuit on behalf of Democratic congressional candidates. "He's got to have corroborating evidence, too, bills and things proving where DeLay was at key times." ...

But all the indictment says DeLay did was "enter into an agreement" with one or both men to knowingly violate the election code. Earle must prove to a jury that DeLay agreed to a felony when he denies it.
The Smoking Gun has the indictment here. It is normal for the first sentence of an indictment to be two pages in length?

UPDATE: Great point by Kevin Drum:
If Democrats still can't win in 2006, then we've got serious problems.


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