Friday, September 09, 2005

They are so poor .... and they are so black

posted by Rob at 8:16 PM

Ya gotta love Wolf Blitzer. He has to fill three hours of live programming five days a week on CNN. It's inevitable he will mispeak, but geez louise this was pretty bad.

On the positive side, Wolf's verbal lashing of Howard Dean was very well done. Dean was in The Situation Room today and the new CNN ball bustin' attitude was on full display. You can read the transcript here. Here's a sample exchange:
BLITZER: But there were 1,000 -- at least 1,000 school busses in New Orleans, and none of them were mobilized to get poor people, old people, people who didn't have cars, out of that city as that hurricane, Category 5, was building up steam along the -- in the Gulf of Mexico. Who should have ordered that those school busses, to get drivers and start driving people who don't have cars out of the city?

DEAN: That's an easy criticism to make, because beforehand you can blame everybody. You can blame the last four or five presidents --

BLITZER: Isn't that the responsibility of the mayor or the governor?

DEAN: Unless you tell people what the sequence is, I can't answer that question. I have to tell me that the sequence was that the hurricane was known to be, going to hit New Orleans directly, which it didn't. And that those busses weren't under water, and that the people who were supposed to be driving them didn't --

BLITZER: On Saturday and Sunday there was no water in New Orleans.

DEAN: Right.

BLITZER: And that was the -- the hurricane hit Monday morning.

DEAN: You're holding the mayor --

BLITZER: On Friday they knew this could potentially hit New Orleans, and that it could be a Category 4 or 5.

DEAN: You're holding the mayor to a different standard. This is a Republican spin machine stuff. You're holding the mayor to a different standard than you are holding FEMA.
As you can read in an earlier post, FEMA has no idea people were in the convention center because nobody told them.

Good job Wolf. I may have to tune into CNN more often.


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