Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Today's must-read post

posted by Rob at 10:36 AM

Comes from Brad DeLong regarding New Orleans' plan for evacuating the poor in its city - you're on your own.

They were going to make a DVD. A DVD saying, "you all are on your own." They didn't even care enough to make the DVD before the hurricane season began.

No. New Orleans did not have a functioning government as of the summer of 2005. This is a catastrophic failure of local governance--much worse than FEMA's failures.

His closing comment segues nicely into Mark Steyn's latest:
Imagine if al-Qaida were less boneheaded and had troubled themselves to learn a bit more about the Great Satan's weak spots. Imagine if they'd decided to blow up a couple of levees and flood a great American city. Would local and state government have responded any more effectively than they did last week? After all, Katrina, unlike Osama, let 'em know she was heading their way.
That's the largest club with which to now beat Bush upside the head. What has the Department of Homeland Security been doing the past four years?


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