Friday, September 23, 2005

Who said the following?

posted by Rob at 12:51 PM

Just guess -
Right now we need a president who will help. He's helping. I'm so grateful. Poverty and misery is humbling. I'm humbled to the core that this administration is helping the poorest of the poor. Why beat up on a president who's helping? When I'm calling around for willing hands, I'm not worrying about party affiliation.

She (a clue!) also said this:
Girl, I only tell you, I applaud this president for stepping up.
Still don't know? Here's some more clues:
I'm a woman, 45 years old, whose birth certificate says 'Negro,' and I was Al Gore's campaign manager. With all that layin' on top of me, I thought nothin' could ever scare me.
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