Tuesday, September 20, 2005

You just have to shake your head

posted by Rob at 1:03 PM

I really don't know what can be said about this:
“If they are evacuees, don’t they have the right to return, or are they being disbursed in a new Diaspora so that the other cities and towns can absorb this Black people, so that when New Orleans is rebuilt as a mainly White city, so that never again can New Orleans have a Black mayor, and Black police chief?” (Minister Louis Farrakhan) asked.

He also revealed to the press a report that he received, from a “very reliable source” he said, that there was a 25-foot hole under one of the levees that broke, which suggested it may have been busted on purpose to destroy the part of the city where Black people lived.
I feel for the people quoted in the article. Their pain is real. Too bad their "leaders" are not.

UPDATE: I guess some people will always make excuses. Common Folks using Common Sense notices a media discrepency:
Search Google News for the words "Farrakhan" and "blown up" to see how many of the mainstream media outlets carried this lunacy.

Now, search Google News for "Pat Robertson" and "assassination" to see how many carried that lunacy. No bias, huh?
Give them time CFuCS. I'm sure it will be all over the evening news broadcasts and covered in-depth by Time and Newsweek next week. Don't you know? The media is back and it's pissed!


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