Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I bet more than one person swears by this

posted by Rob at 4:54 PM

If you never find time to listen to a sample of callers to Ed Shultz's radio show, here's a nice summation of the content via a letter to the Olympian newspaper:
I read with trepidation the news article regarding Bush's plans to combat possible Asian bird flu by calling in the troops. His comments brought to mind 1930s Germany, with the Gestapo (Homeland Security) and storm troopers (Rumsfeld's Pentagon) in the wings.

I wonder, could a sitting president, twice elected, and supposedly the epitome of patriotic manhood, consider consolidating his ebbing power by bringing an epidemic to his own people? Would he use this ploy to institute martial law?

If he would give funds to Halliburton to organize the hurricane recovery in the South -- the same Halliburton that scammed millions of dollars in Iraq -- then I suppose, with the enthusiastic support of his moneyed power base, he would.

The fact that Congress voted funds, not for public health but for Homeland Security, strengthens this suspicion.

This is a sad day for our United States of America.

Peg Davidson, Olympia

This, dear reader, is an idiot. A complete, unequivocal, no question about it, purer-than-Mother-Sheehans-underwear idiot.

On the bright side, it's pleasing to read that her hopes have been crushed.


(hat tip: BOTW)


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