Monday, October 03, 2005

More on Miers

posted by Rob at 4:46 PM

As if to further underscore my point in the previous post, here's Emily Bazelon in Slate describing Miers:
She may turn out to have a great legal mind. She may be a thoughtful, incisive Supreme Court justice. But there's no reason to think so now.

Uh ... it's that what the confirmation process is for? John Roberts has proven to have a great legal mind, and may be a thoughtful, incisive judge. Now, did we know that before or after his Senate hearings?

Since my last post, I had a chance to listen to Ed Shultz give his opinion. Unlike others on the left who are hugging themselves they love the Miers pick no much, Shultz is declaring war. He refuses to "misunderestimate" Bush. He will fight against Miers on the grounds that her long history with Bush will make her a yes woman for conservative causes.

Ed is also hoping for a knock-down, drag-out, Karl Rove-Scooter Libby-Abu Ghraib-Where Are The Weapons Of Mass Destruction Fight:
DOES SHE KNOW ANYHING ABOUT THE PLAME OUTING, having been in the White House behind closed doors? What about advising the President on an illegal war? Torture anyone? Does she know anything about that? What does she know about the illegal buying of news by the Bush administration?


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