Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More support for Michael Brown

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Last month, former FEMA chief Michael Brown testified before a Congressional committe that, with regard to reacting to Katrina, one of his mistakes was that he "shoud have set up regular media briefings instead of conducting numerous television interviews."

For that comment he was universally slammed.

The Washington Post today (emphasis mine):
The sensational accounts delayed rescue and evacuation efforts already hampered by poor planning and a lack of coordination among local, state and federal agencies. People rushing to the Gulf Coast to fly rescue helicopters or to distribute food, water and other aid steeled themselves for battle. In communities near and far, the seeds were planted that the victims of Katrina should be kept away, or at least handled with extreme caution.

"Rumor control was a beast for us," said Maj. Ed Bush of the Louisiana National Guard, who was stationed at the Superdome. "People would hear something on the radio and come and say that people were getting raped in the bathroom or someone had been murdered. I would say, 'Ma'am, where?' I would tell them if there were bodies, my guys would find it. Everybody heard, nobody saw. Logic was out the window because the situation was illogical."

When it comes to finding who is too blame for the slow response in New Orleans to Katrina, the self-congratulatory media deserves some.

(Hat tip: InstaPundit)


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