Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ready and willing to do his job

posted by Rob at 1:44 PM

Where are the future leaders of the Democrat Party? I, for one, hope one of them will be found on the campus of Bowdoin College. Alex Cornell du Houx is a 21-year-old senior at the school, where he is development director for the College Democrats of America and co-president of the Maine College Democrats.

As you would expect, he disagrees with President Bush on a great many issues, including Iraq. But Dec. 1, he is heading there as part of the Alpha 1st Company Battalion of the Marines:
"Regardless of my opinions regarding the war in Iraq, it is my duty as a U.S. Marine to serve and I am ready and willing to do my job to its fullest extent," he said.
He also offers an interesting perspective on perspectives:
"I have always felt comfortable expressing my political beliefs. In the Marines, we debate politics all the time in a lively manner. It's very interesting and eye-opening to be able to see both perspectives — where you are in the majority politically at Bowdoin College and in the minority politically in the Marines."
It's interesting that he admits what many refuse to acknowledge - there is a large disconnect between the military and many academic institutions.

Now contrast Alex to this idiot and the DNC chairman.

I don't know much about Alex, other than that he appears to be well connected. He also knows with who to pick fights (Vernon Robinson ran to represent my congressional district. He is a political lunatic. I'm happy Virginia won).

But it's refreshing to read how one young man can disagree politically with his president, but heed his call to duty.

Thank you, Alex, for your service. I wish you a safe tour of duty.


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