Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Barone speaks

posted by Rob at 2:56 PM

Like Instapundit, I consider Michael Barone an expert voice on election-explaining:
And yet the trends in national politics are sometimes echoed in the results in elections for governor. Issues that work for one party in state elections sometimes work for them in federal elections as well. ...

There's this national implication here (in Virginia). Supporting tax increases does not produce political death. If voters feel—as voters in traffic-clogged Northern Virginia and perhaps the other suburbs do—that higher taxes will produce goods that you want—fewer traffic jams—they will support you.
This strikes me as true. For more than five years the Democrats have continually beat the horse named "Tax Cuts For The Rich" as the reason for every problem.

No armor for the troops? It's because of TCFTR.

Schools falling apart? It's because of TCFTR.

Katrina breaking the levees? It's because of TCFTR.

Student aid evaporating? It's because of TCFTR.

Social Secuirty in trouble? It's because of TCFTR.

Medicaid reductions? It's because of TCFTR.

Record deficits? It's because of TCFTR.

The poor screwed? It's because of TCFTR.

Bill Clinton, more than any other Democrat, got the memo.

Much like with their mantra of fiction that "Iraq is a failure," always tacking every issue as due to TCFTR is bound to have an impact on voters' perceptions. The Democrats have done a wonderful Michael-Moore-type job of lying with truth. Bush and the GOP has done little recently to battle that notion.

Anyone who stands up in 2006 or 2008 and pledges "tax cuts so help me God" is going to have a tougher time than normal.


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