Monday, November 21, 2005

The logic buttressed by idiot insults

posted by Rob at 4:31 PM

Via Instapundit, I found a sound argument to throw at those who chant endlessly, with fingers plugging their ears and their eyes clenched shut, that BUSH LIED!!!

From Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom:
Clearly, the important administration arguments are beginning to coalesce: 1) Criticism of the war is not by itself unpatriotic 2) Similarly, answering anti-war critics is not challenging their patriotism 3) But opportunistic and cynical anti-war critics who are trying to walk back their own votes and level spurious charges at the Administration (they lied to take is into war) are themselves lying 4) These lies are hurting the country and the troops. 5) The burden of proof, in a post 911 world, was on Saddam Hussein to prove he’d disarmed; we could not wait for the threat to become imminent before acting 6) The cause the troops are fighting for is just and right 7) Iraq is moving toward freedom; and things on the ground are improving daily, regardless of what the MSM and prominent Dems would have us believe.

What I enjoy about this argument is how it exposes Dems and the MSM as skinny weak-spined ninnies. For some odd reason, it's apparently okay to endlessly suggest that Bush and his administration LIED to trick everyone into war, it's lucrative to produce and market a movie which proports that Bush and his family are cozy with terrorists, and it's acceptable to argue that soliders' lives are being wasted in a friutless expansion of the American oil empire, but call one Democrat out for possibly suggesting a cowardice retreat from Iraq, and the K-Mart temper tantrums start.

Jonah Goldberg summed up how I feel the latest argument is being framed:
Murtha is not a coward. Agreed. He is advancing a cowardly policy. The Marine is right. Period.

Yet the Dems know they will lose such an argument, so just cry about it instead.


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