Friday, November 04, 2005

Media loves the Big Mo'

posted by Rob at 2:39 PM

His poll numbers sucks. The "Seinfeld" scandel continues. His own party bruised him. His opposition has grown pubic hair.

Life, indeed, is dark for the president. And the media can't wait to make it darker.

Next week is election day in some parts of the country, including Virginia where they will elect a governor. As this USA Today article hints, Bush is on the ballot (emphasis mine):
Democrat (Mark) Warner, a 2008 presidential prospect, has a 70%-plus approval rating that is helping (Democrat Tim) Kaine, his lieutenant governor, in a state where conservatives dominate southern and rural counties. Bush, his administration and party beset by problems, is in the low 40s in a state more attuned than most to what goes on in Washington. ...

In a more lopsided contest in a state farther away, the events inside the Beltway might be irrelevant. But the indictments and investigations plaguing national GOP figures are hot news in Democratic, densely populated northern Virginia. ...

Added Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va.: "There's always some national context to state elections here. It probably all does matter, and up here that's probably not a plus." ...
So if Kaine wins, expect to read how this is more evidence of "trouble" for the Republican party and another sign of the country's distaste for Bush. If Kaine loses, expect to hear .... nothing .... just like before.


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