Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Why are they surprised?

posted by Rob at 8:20 AM

Interesting article in the New York Times regarding a student "anti-war" group and the attention the may have received from the federal government. You can read it here.

Long story short, some students at the University of California weren't happy with military recruiters appearing on campus. Doing their best impersonation of a terrorist cell, they planned an attack. It included strategy sessions, spys, a communication network, threats, vandelism and possible injury. Months later, the group discovered it is on a government watch list. Now the members are mad and crying:
"One reaction was, 'Gosh, I wonder if we're doing something right?' " Professor Crosby said. "Another reaction was it's a waste of taxpayer money. What are we a threat to?"
So let me get this straight. Students audition for the role of villian in "24" season 6, then get pissed when the real CTU starts tracking them. What did they really expect?


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