Monday, March 06, 2006

Note to Chris Matthews

posted by Rob at 3:11 PM

Even though Bush's trip to Pakistan was little different than President Clinton's, Chris Matthews sees the former's trip as being "extraordinary." Here's how he "played" Hardball last week:
Matthews: "But he's coming in like a drug dealer. I mean, having to sneak in like that, with the lights off, with the windows slammed shut on the plane. Is this a security question, really, or is it a problem of that government? Is it a problem that within the security service in Pakistan there are people out to hurt the President?"
Then this:
Matthews then turned to Gergen to opine on "what message this sends to the people of Pakistan. They know how the President's coming in over there. Guess what, the leader of the greatest nation in the world, our ally in the war against terrorism, had to sneak into the country last night by cover of night."


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